Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Puzzle Addiction

This was my very first 1,000 piece puzzle!

I got into puzzles about 2 years ago when my mom asked me to try it. Ever since then I've been hooked to them.  For some reason I prefer to make Hometown Collection's puzzles because of the way the picture looks realistic, but it isn't really difficult. 
I've done around 13 puzzles so far. I'm in the need to do some new ones because I've made at least three puzzles over again.
Whats interesting to me is the first couple puzzles I did, they were finished on a holiday. I did my first puzzle on Halloween, my second on Thanksgiving, and the third I did on Christmas. 

If you read this I hope you will get an interest in puzzles just like me. I'll show some of the puzzles I've down below. ↓

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm a blogger!

I'm so excited to make this new blog. You're probably going to read about the many 1,000 piece puzzles I do, or the hairstyles that I do with my blonde hair. I'm going to be a beginner at this, and I hope it becomes a success!

-Sarah :D